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Tell us a bit about yourself ...

I work in the sector of human resources management and legal issues related to staffing. I am of course a specialist in employment and social security law, but also in immigration and international employment.

I have considerable experience in advising, litigation and negotiation, and more specifically in collaborating with other specialist consultants in a multidisciplinary environment.

In addition, until September 2013 I was the Editor-in-chief of, an online magazine which, in addition to daily news related to social law, also published weekly in-depth articles, and judicial decisions not published elsewhere.

A different perspective

After practising as a lawyer in Ghent for several years, I became a corporate lawyer in a large payroll software company, where I worked my way up to a managerial position. Those years as a manager gave me an inside view of how a company is run. I now apply that knowledge on a daily basis, both as a partner at Astrea, and in relation to my clients, who are often in charge of companies themselves.

Astrea, not just another law firm

A concrete example from my area: as an employer, you may find yourself forced to summarily dismiss an employee for theft, with compelling reasons. Even though those compelling reasons may be obvious, the file must be carefully prepared, down to the smallest details. But I have barely three days to finalise the file. Those are the times when I sink my teeth into a case and just go for it.

For me, that's one of the greatest draw-cards of Astrea: we can create legally substantiated files with a very tight turnaround. Our clients know that we will be there for them when they need us the most.

Delivering a good service

Nothing is impossible; but should that ever be the case, then that must be made clear at the outset. Our clients need to know where they stand. They also trust me to not only explain the legal obstacles, but also to immediately present the most sensible way of avoiding them.


My years as a manager have taught me how a company works from the inside out, a valuable experience which I draw on regularly when dealing with clients.