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Tell us a bit about yourself ...

I have more than 15 years' experience in Belgian and international distribution law, e-commerce, commercial practices, intellectual property and ICT law, as well as in negotiation, litigation and drafting contracts. I also feel very much at home in the automotive sector.

You're never too young to learn

In 1993 I left my Brussels law practice for a job as Assistant General Counsel at Texaco Belgium. This gave me first-hand experience of how a company works. That experience was very valuable, and I now have a much better understanding of the client's perspective.

In what way is Astrea ‘not just another law firm’?

We deliver what we promise. You'll never catch us making empty promises. If something is outside our capabilities, we will tell you immediately and honestly. Many clients find this approach refreshing.

Good service is ...

Knowing your client's sector inside out. That means not only listening to your client, but also asking difficult questions. I'm also not a big fan of legal mumbo-jumbo; any solution we propose has to be pragmatic and cost-efficient. Protecting my client from all possible risks is my core task, but I always try to go further: what opportunities can I create here? That's when things get really interesting.

What has someone written about you of which you are especially proud?

The heartfelt thanks of my clients always means a lot to me. I don't need any other form of recognition. Although I have to admit that my ego was massaged when I was asked to teach Distribution Law at the Louvain School of Management.


Working closely with my team, I try to lead our clients towards a constructive and pragmatic solution which meets their specific needs and is in line with their strategy.