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Tell us a bit about yourself ...

I specialise in advising on and implementing commercial contracts for the industrial, commercial and retail sectors in Belgium and abroad, as well as all the different types of legal proceedings which can result from such contracts. I have a wide experience of Belgian and international distribution contracts, specifically in the automotive sector.

A good lawyer is pro-active if he can ...

My team spends a good deal of its time monitoring European legislation. We submit questions to the European Commission on how new legislation should be interpreted, then consider the consequences this might have for our clients, and in particular, what opportunities they might derive from it. In this way, we can be sure that our clients are fully prepared, even before the new law comes into force.

Technical skills and a practical approach

Thanks to their superb education, the members of my team have a strong technical grounding. But what's even more important is that these technical skills are utilised in a practical way for our clients. Our advice must be relevant and useful to our clients, and theoretical arguments must be readily applicable to the practical problem, so our clients can act quickly.




I am a lawyer in heart and soul. I thoroughly enjoy going to court over the execution – or non-execution – of commercial contracts. But however much I enjoy the cut and thrust of litigation, my first preference is always to prevent matter from being brought to court in the first place.