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Tell us a bit about yourself ...

I've been a lawyer for 23 years. I give advice, handle litigation and lead negotiations. I work in all of the fields listed in my profile, and I also teach and give lectures in law.

A good day is when I ...

... can make a difference. I don't like the beaten track. That's why I decided to specialise in environmental law. In our cases, we don't just follow jurisprudence, we create it. We frequently head into uncharted territory.

What you see is what you get

I monitor my cases personally, and at every stage I know exactly what is going on. That requires a great deal of time, but my clients appreciate the ongoing personal involvement.

Not just another law firm

Not only is Astrea much more specialised, but more importantly, our lawyers are happy to work together, and they do it often.


I decided to specialise in environmental law so that I could create jurisprudence rather than blindly following those who have gone before. I subsequently expanded my practice to include urban development, town planning and construction law. I also assist clients with property law transactions. I don't like the beaten track. I always try to find a practical solution, tailor-made for my client.