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Astrea’s property specialists handle all legal aspects associated with the management, development and transfer of immovable property. This overlaps with many other branches of the law:  property law, contract and tort law, environmental law, urban development legislation, company law and tax law.

Astrea provides advice and conducts proceedings before civil and/or administrative courts in relation to:

  • purchasing or transferring immovable property
  • purchasing or transferring a property company
  • due diligence for these purchases or transfers
  • acquiring permits
  • building or renovating buildings
  • expropriation procedures
  • disputes concerning vacant or neglected properties

We answer our clients’ questions about property rights such as building and planting rights, usufruct, long-term leases, etc. Clients also come to us for advice on and dispute resolution regarding commercial and other leases.

Astrea also represents its clients if they face with rights of first refusal exercised by governments or if they wish to exercise such a right themselves.

Astrea provides its expertise on expropriation procedures to private individuals faced with a threat of expropriation or to public authorities that have obtained authorisation to expropriate, both in the phase of extrajudicial acquisition and judicial expropriation proceedings.

Finally, Astrea assists clients on whom a levy has been imposed for vacant or neglected properties. Astrea represents them in administrative appeals and legal disputes before the tax courts.