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Astrea advises public and private clients on urban development and the environment and represents them in dispute resolution before civil and administrative courts.

As such, Astrea has years of in-depth experience with:

  • application files for urban planning and land division permits
  • environmental permits and socio-economic permits
  • soil contamination
  • waste problems
  • sound and odour nuisance
  • etc.

The approval of a municipal, provincial or regional implementation plan may lead to the depreciation of your property, leaving you with a claim against the government for loss resulting from its planning decisions. Astrea can assist you in bringing the necessary proceedings before the civil court.

Astrea represents its clients in all civil law dispute proceedings relating to land-use planning and environmental law before the civil courts:

  • environmental protection injunctions
  • building demolition applications
  • nuisance caused by neighbours
  • redress of loss resulting from urban planning
  • environmental damage
  • etc.

Astrea also conducts proceedings to have administrative acts suspended and declared void before all administrative courts, such as the Council of State and the Council for Permit Disputes.

Astrea even has the necessary in-house experience with respect to enforcement, both for dealing with the criminal law aspects of infringements before the criminal court and administrative law restrainments, for instance by the Environmental Enforcement Court of Flanders.

Astrea’s practice extends over the Flemish, Brussels-Capital and Walloon Regions.

If necessary, Astrea will handle your case in close cooperation with technical experts.